Jl. Raya Dumai, Basilam Baru Km. 14, Kel. Lubuk Gaung, Kec. Sungai Sembilan, Dumai - 28882, Indonesia
+62765438 615 /616 /617/ 618

Oil Storage

  • Indopalm one of the biggest capacity for Oil Storage in Lubuk Gaung – Dumai Industrial Area, It can store up to 94,000 MT (ninety-four thousand) Oils to guarantee continous supply Palm Oil for the process and for the Cutomer’s Vessels, all tanks constructed to store the Oils according the Recommended International Code of Practice (Codex Code) of Storage Edible Oils in Bulk.
  • Indopalm constructed Bonded Logistic Center (BLC )with 15,000MT capacity to store & Blend the exported or Imported oils for re-exporting to reduce the logistic & transportation cost and support the CPO & Palm oils exported products groth .