About Us

PT. Pacific Indopalm Industries started its operation in Dumai, Riau Province on the East cost of Sumatra Island of Indonesia in December 2009. The company has invested in the latest state of the art technology with a fully automated refining and fractionation processes.


  • ISO 9001 - 2015
  • ISO 14001 - 2015
  • ISCC
  • RSPO
  • ISPS
  • SMK3

Quality Control

Indopalm takes the issue of quality control as the highest priority area, the facility is equipped with state of the art, laboratory equipment and instruments. All these instruments are calibrated on a regular frequency to ensure accurate measurements and results. We also follow various certified accreditation to asses plant performance. Quality control is not a destination for us but a continuous journey to ensure best products quality and performance delivered to our customers on a continuous basis.

Indopalm Award's

Indopalm has been awarded of ZERO INCIDENT and PROPER award's.

This commitment involves the total dedication by every Indopalm Team Member to ensure we operate in a safe workplace.